About Us

About Us
We are Thames

our history

When it comes to combining health & taste, we bet that we are the best in the game!

Our journey kickstarted in 2019 under the aegis of LD Foods – a brand focused towards manufacturing premium health bars. With an extensive team of nutritionists and experts who have a deep grinded knowledge of nutritional requirements for all, we believe in the adage, “A smart health bar for a smart brain”.

The brainchild of Mr. Dip Patel, Thames Chocolate is all about fulfilling the daily body nutrition needs with the best taste packed in bars. The products are an outcome of several years of research, analysis, testing and eventually bringing them to savour your taste buds.

Our products make you choose from a variety of delicious flavours and hence we ensure that each of them is prepared under the surveillance of India’s best nutritionists and chefs. In a nutshell, every bite of our world class health bars is formulated to help increase energy levels, reduce recovery time, and enhance muscle growth.

In House Formation Lab

Understanding and acting upon the consumer pulse has always been our guiding force to provide industry-first solutions in terms of taste and health. Our in-house team of experts and nutritionists take every minute detail into consideration in order to make the healthiest and tastiest protein bars.

No Hidden Content

Every ingredient poured into the protein bars are of top notch quality. Your health matters to us and hence transparency is our key to your hearts. Our products reflect our passion to bring international-grade flavours to serve you, therefore we pick ingredients from different corners of the world and shape them into the best nutrition bars for you.

Hygienic Manufacturing Area

Hygiene is our top most priority and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that all the products keep up to the hygiene and health standards. Our final products are manufactured at FSSAI, HACCP certified state of the art plant, meaning that your protein bar undergoes rigorous testing and multiple quality checks before it reaches you.

Competitive Prices

We swear by our pricing as we wrap top notch nutrition into the most affordable and pocket friendly protein bars. We aim to bust the vicious bubble of costly protein supplements and other related products with our budget friendly and quick to grab healthy protein bars. So, if you desire for a quick snack, our protein bars will not cause a hole in your pockets.


Boosted by the desire to surpass your expectations, we bring together nutrition expertise and the best experts of the protein flavours to create a path-breaking formulation with unmatched taste.
Our mission of delivering ‘Taste with Health’ draws its story from a survey of 2017 which claimed that 73% of Indians are deficient in protein while above 90 % are unaware of the daily requirement of protein.
This gave birth to our approach of reimagining and reshaping nutrition into tasty protein bars. With a long haul vision of becoming an integral part of POSHAN ABHIYAN (PM’s Overarching Scheme for Holistic Nourishment) By Government Of India, we are here to supercharge your health with our class-apart protein bars.
We also strive to build a community wherein our members vouch for us as not just protein bars manufacturer but as the torchbearers of revolutionary change in the fields of health and nutrition.
Our hustle and journey of covering every age group just doesn’t stop at our kids bar or family pack. We are soon launching a wide range of women health oriented products that will not only redefine the parameters of health but also taste.

Premium Material

Crafted from the finest materials, our premium products exude elegance.

Special Taste

Indulge in flavors that cater to your unique and special taste.

Full Support

Experience peace of mind with our dedicated team's full support.

We Are Thames
Roots of Inspiration

Our tale began with a shared passion of nutrition and health, which inspired us to collect the best of nature's treasures to reinvent snacking. We delved into the world of protein bars, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to discover more about their flavorful and beneficial properties.

We Are Thames
From Passion to Purpose

Driven by our zeal, we set out to make protein bars without sacrificing flavour or quality. We spent numerous hours in the kitchen, experimenting with different recipes, and carefully choosing the best ingredients. We refused to accept anything less than perfection, and this commitment to excellence became the cornerstone of Thames.

We Are Thames
A Wholesome Adventure

Our journey went beyond protein bars and included creating flavours that excite the palate. We skillfully combine and package our nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, maintaining their fresh deliciousness. With every mouthful, each product provides you with a real, nutritious experience by capturing the essence of nature's wealth.

We Are Thames
Join Our Journey

We urge you to join us on this adventure. Remember that with each mouthful of our protein bars, each nut you crack, each seed you savour, and each dried fruit you consume, you're not just tasting flavours; you're engaging in the climax of our journey. Every product embodies the wealth of nature as well as our team's commitment to providing you the finest.